AirCon Capacitor from 1UF to 60UF

AirCon Capacitor from 1UF to 60UF

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AirCond Capacitor from 1UF to 60UF

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What Is An Aircon Capacitor?
The aircond capacitor is an electronic component inside your unit that is used to store charge in an electrostatic field. In a nutshell: it’s a temporary storage device for electricity. The aircon capacitor is used to stabilize voltage and start the motors in your cooling system.
The aircond capacitor is also necessary for the aircon to run, as the motors inside your air conditioner are powered by the capacitor. Air conditioners usually come with three motors, and all three of these are powered by the capacitor. Thus, if the capacitor isn’t functioning right, then your air conditioner either won’t functionat all, or will function less than efficiently. In short: the failure of your aircon capacitor could spell the slow and steady doom of your AC unit. In fact, most aircon capacitor failures usually do result in air conditioner breakdowns.